Whisky bringt Schottland weltweit an die Spitze

Scotch Whisky bleibt einer aktuellen Studie zufolge weiterhin weltweit der stärkste Vertreter im Spirituosen- und Wein-Sektor, während Schottland selbst als stärkstes Herstellerland in dieser Sparte gewertet wurde.

Whisky takes Scotland to top of spirit world

SCOTCH whisky remains the world’s most powerful part of the spirit and wine sector – while Scotland itself is now the most powerful country of origin for the products, according to a new report.

The Power 100 2006 report, published today by Intangible Business – the respected independent brand valuation consultancy – researched nearly 10,000 brands in the spirit and wine sector to come up with its top 100 most powerful, defined by a brand’s ability to generate value, based on share of market, growth, price positioning and the number of markets in which it is sold.


Whisky is deemed the world’s strongest overall spirits brand, ahead of vodka, rum, flavoured spirits and still light wine.

Scotland led Russia, the US, France and Cuba as the five most powerful countries of origin.

(The Scotsman)