Glengoyne bringt neuen 21-jährigen

Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky hat eine neue 21 Jahre alte Abfüllung herausgebracht.

Der Malt ist zu 100% in erstbefüllten Sherryfässern aus europäischer Eiche gereift. Die Butt Fässer (500 Liter) wurden unter der Leitung von Distillery Manager Robbie Hughes handverlesen.

Nach der Einführung der neu gestalteten Flaschen und Verpackungen der 10 und 17 Jahre alten Glengoyne Whiskies wurde nun auch der 21-jährige mit neuem Design versehen, um so den hohen Status in der Produktpalette zu verdeutlichen. Der empfohlene Verkaufspreis liegt bei rund 100,- EUR.

Glengoyne Distillery Launches New 21 Years Old

Glengoyne Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky has launched its brand new 21 years old.

The malt is now guaranteed to be 100% matured in prestigious first fill European oak sherry casks, thus ensuring the optimum Glengoyne quality in every cask.

The casks (all butts) were hand picked by a specialist distillery team led by Robbie Hughes, distillery manager.

Great care was taken during selection to ensure that the perfect balance of flavours and natural rich colour that make up the recognisable character of Glengoyne shone through.

The award-winning 21 years old has also benefited from a new presentation which is the final stage in the repackaging of the core Glengoyne range.

Started back in November with the introduction of the redesigned 10 and 17 years old bottles and tubes, the Glengoyne 21 years old has now also been redesigned to reflect the super-premium status of the malt within the core range.

The original tube has been replaced with a high-quality embossed box with gold-lining, ensuring the 21 year old stands out to the consumer as a superior product.

The use of a richer blue also adds value, as does the subtle changes in label shapes, name styles and print scale.

Finally, the introduction of tasting notes on both the bottle and box, as well as a separate tasting notes neck booklet, written by the very men who make the whisky, brings the 21 years old to life, while the numerous awards received by the brand highlighted on the box help to convey the prestige of the malt.

Iain Weir, marketing director at Ian Macleod Distillers Ltd, commented: „The 21 years old is the pinnacle in the Glengoyne core range.

„We individually select 100% first-fill European oak sherry casks, the Rolls Royce of casks, to ensure the maximum quality of whisky is created.

„This excellence is now clearly reflected in the packaging design too, giving customers a much clearer understanding of how much the Glengoyne 21 years old has to offer.“

The RRP is £69.99.

(Scottish Food and Drink)