Whisky-Seife von Islay

Die Spirited Soap Company auf Islay hat die erste aus Whisky und Eichenfässern hergestellte Seife produziert. Alkohol wird benutzt, um die Seife transparent zu machen, da lag es nahe, dabei auf Whisky von den Brennereien der Insel zurückzugreifen, statt industriellen Alkohol zu nehmen. Für den individuellen Duft wurden Holzspäne von der Innenseite eines Whiskyfasses verwendet, das die Bruichladdich Destillerie zur Verfügung gestellt hat. Da die Fässer innen ausgebrannt werden, bekommt die Seife durch die Späne nicht nur ihr Aroma, sondern auch eine ungewöhnliche, durchscheinende schwarze Farbe.

Whisky Soap From Islay

A new Islay company has produced the first ever soap to be made from both whisky and oak casks.

Ailsa Hayes of The Spirited Soap Company, a pharmaceutical research chemist, uses alcohol to hand-make clear soaps with natural ingredients and packaging.

“Since alcohol comes from distilleries – and there are 7½ malt whisky distilleries on Islay – it made sense to use whisky instead of boring industrial alcohol.”

“The soaps are made entirely from natural vegetable oils using the traditional ‘cold process’ technique. The spirit is added at the end to make soap transparent.”

“Girly perfumes are all very well but I wanted one that captured the very essence of whisky-making. And that’s where the cask came in.”

Commissioned by the Bruichladdich distillery, The Malt Bar is scented by whisky-drenched, oak shavings planed from the inside of a Bruichladdich whisky cask.

“The oak staves have been marinated in whisky for decades – but unless you’re a cooper or distiller you will never have experienced such an intoxicating aroma.”

“It’s a sweet, toasted-oak smell; like a cross between a cigar box, carpenter’s workshop, hayloft and coal-tar all at once; you certainly won’t sell like an alcoholic.”

During the barrel-making process casks are charred on the inside. These shavings give the soap an unusual translucent, black colour.

“It looks butch, smells manly and is very metro-sexual.”

(Scottish Food and Drink)