Interview mit Tony Mair, Blackwood Distillers

Klaus-Martin Meyer vom Interview Blog führte ein Gespräch mit Tony Mair, dem neuen Vorstandsvorsitzenden von Blackwood Distillers:

Im Gespräch mit Tony Mair (Chairman of Blackwood Distillers)

Klaus-Martin Meyer: Hello Tony, you are the new Chairman of Blackwood Distillers. Could you tell us please a little bit about the comapany and its products?

Tony Mair: Blackwood is a young company, with, unusually for any company, let alone a drinks firm, four women on the board of Directors. It is energetic, imaginative and creative, and very quick to realize opportunities – both in creating brands (the DIVA vodka bottles has been improved and it has taken just three months to get the new look completed), and moving into categories (Shetland has no whisky distillery….so they are building one on the most northerly island of Unst)

Klaus-Martin Meyer: Germans normally think that Mardonna is a Diva. Are they right?

Tony Mair: Maradonna the Argentinian footballer, or Madonna the Anglo American popstar….arguably, they are both DIVAs! Blackwood believes that a Diva is someone who stands on her (or his) own in style, panache, wit and joie de vivre. Its about being independently minded, taking pleasures from the small things in life, having a warm and expansive approach to life

Klaus-Martin Meyer: Tell us a little bit about Muggle Flugga. Do you see any parallels between Caroline Whitfield and Thomas & David Stevenson?

Tony Mair: Two bottles of Muggle Flukka were sold, sight unseen, at auction in New York last weekend for 650USD…how terrific is that and doesn’t it make you think there us real interest for Shetland whisky? Incidentally, Robert Louis Stevenson is said to have written a part of his historic novel ‘Treasure Island’ at Muckle Flugga

Klaus-Martin Meyer: How important will be the German Market for Blackwood Distillers in the long run?

Tony Mair: The German market is currently the most important market for Blackwood on Continental Europe; DIVA vodka and Blackwod Gin have been particularly warmly received, and DIVA is sponsoring the “1live krone radio awards” in early December !

Klaus-Martin Meyer: What do you personally prefer Jago’s or Blackwood Dry Gin?

Tony Mair: I enjoy them both for different occasions….Blackwood gin before, Jago’s after.

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