Drambui mit Extremsport-Events für junge Zielgruppe

Der schottische Whisky Likör Drambui veranstaltet für seine jüngere Käuferschicht zwischen 25 und 35 das Drambui Pursuit, ein Cross Country Rennen in den Highlands, das Ende April stattfindet.

Drambuie targets younger market spirits with extreme sports challenge

LONDON – Scottish whisky liqueur Drambuie is holding an extreme sports event in the Scottish Highlands at the end of April to increase the brand’s appeal to men aged 25-35.

Drambuie Pursuit, which was devised by Generate, will have contestants competing in a cross-country race between the Isle of Skye and Inverness. The route, which has historical significance for Drambuie, was the one, according to legend, that Bonnie Prince Charlie took when he passed on the drink’s recipe to loyal clansmen in return for assisting his escape from the English army in 1746…

(Brand Republic)