David gegen Goliath

Jeff Topping nimmt es mit den Giganten der Whiskyindustrie auf. Er ist der Hersteller von Wild Scotsman Vatted Malt, einem Blend, der nur aus Single Malts gemacht wird. Topping ist einer von insgesamt nur zwei unabhängigen amerikanischen Abfüllern.

Scotch bottler takes on liquor giants

(…) In 2002, Jeff Topping went to Scotland to take a class in distilling. He had just bought a company called Bevinco, which monitors bar inventories.

(…) The majority of scotch brands are blends. Johnnie Walker, Dewar’s, Teacher’s all are mixtures of whiskey from different distilleries in Scotland. They contain both whiskey made from malt, or sprouted barley, and cheaper grain whiskey, made from unmalted grain.

Other whiskies are all malt from a single distillery – these are the single malts, the only growing category in scotch.

A vatted malt like Wild Scotsman is blended from single malts from many distilleries to create a particular flavor profile. It appeals to the same people who drink single malts…

(The Enquirer)

Stoked about scotch

Enthusiastic East Walnut Hills bottler takes on distilling giants with Wild Scotsman brand

(…) He is the wild Scotsman, the creator, the marketer and the face of Wild Scotsman scotch.

What Topping tastes in his glass is Scotland itself, and all the history and mystique of its national drink. But in the world of Scotch whisky, where the mystique is controlled almost completely by two international conglomerates, a guy from Cincinnati has to climb on a lot of bars to get his brand noticed…

(The Enquirer)